Summer 2012

When I was in Thailand last year, there were sooo many cute and pretty things for sale at super cheap prices. One thing that was everywhere in the Chatuchak market (that was the only market I could go as it was a short weekend trip for some last-minute request) was this rope headband thing with fabric flowers strewn along the rope. The rope looked like this


 but thinner and more delicate / dainty looking?

Anyway if you walked around the market, you will see portable stalls where middle-aged ladies with their carts decorated with the flower rope headbands selling for 10baht. Or less. I can’t remember but it was so damn cheap! I regretted not buying those!

These past few days I have been craving to shop so been looking at during working hours. 😀 AND 


yea, it is quite popular this past spring and coming summer months and been seeing it around in shops and various people.. looking gorgeous and all.. very tempted to get one of these but they are so much more expensive than the ones in Thailand. 


these are cute too! I think these headband styles are coming into trend. I really wanna get these though. so tempting. Just suddenly thought of an inspiration for this style! Maybe I will try it soon. 

Fabric Flowers

Always wanted to try making fabric flowers. Since I have some unexpected free time and instead of watching K-dramas, I decided to give it a go with the scrap clothes I had. It came out pretty good! 🙂 Although there are still some room for improvements such as making sure the cloth doesn’t fray, etc.

I made a flower brooch (i think it resembles a peony?) and a dahlia look-a-like with a button fastened to the back. I’m not sure why I added the button though. Anyway, here they are!


Fabric ‘peony’ flower brooch


Fabric dahlia

Chains & ribbons


Totally immersed in the recent popular Korean drama ‘King 2 Hearts’. Just love the hairband on the princess! It looks like a chain-type fastened with ribbon at the back.

*scribbles* 1. chain & ribbons headband


Step 1

Thus, it begins.

The journey to live my passion.

Please be patient – it might take some time – and I hope to spread the love.